Sunday, 3/2/08, 1:41 PM

Sundance and Katie: We can’t decide if we are blown away more by the existence of your books, the wonderful words you had for us or the wonderful message you are sharing with the world! Many, many thanks. M.S.B.

From: Oregon

Monday, 3/3/08, 12:50 PM

I love this book. Every time I sit down with Free Spirit, I feel consumed by the energy. I seem drawn to it every day and I have been on this path for over 10 years now.

From: Vienna, Austria

Wednesday, 3/12/08, 11:45 PM

Wonderful clarity. Sundance described the awakened and unawakened state in a clear and simple way. Since I’am still asleep he gave many ways to look at what causes us to sleep away. Certainly if you follow his sign post’s it will lead to awakening sooner or later. Well worth reading many times over.

Gary McFarlane

From: Maui, Hawaii

Sunday, 3/30/08, 10:03 PM

5 of 5 Stars “A Deeply Inscribed Invitation” By Jerry Katz “” (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Free Spirit is a calmly breathed introduction to nondual teachings. Beyond that, it is a deeply inscribed invitation to inquire, ask questions, and simply see what is obvious. While there are notes of surrender, the dominant tone is that of self- inquiry. Lots of questions: There are entire pages filled with questions, and they culminate in the chapter entitled Realizing Freedom Now, which is about how to practice self- inquiry. “The direct inquiry is: Absent thought or any identification with its appearance … Who am I? Living within this question is the opening to its answer.” The use of questions aligns with the book’s purpose, which is “not to give you more objective knowledge about yourself, as you cannot know yourself as an object is known.” We need to “deeply feel and witness our existence.” Theme – Beliefs: Sundance makes it very clear that belief is not discriminative intelligence, rather beliefs are artificial and do not bear on reality. Beliefs leave us in a bad situation of limitation, fear, and inability to release them. Theme – Suffering: The author reminds us not to get attached to suffering since it is tied to beliefs and, like beliefs, suffering does not change reality. The only hope for release from the grip of beliefs and suffering, it might be said, is hopelessness. I like how Sundance says it: “The beauty of hopelessness is that when we truly encounter hopelessness, we STOP! … and settle into Self. We experience simply being. We are absolutely present and disarmed of all mental and emotional protection.” Twin Books: While Sundance Burke focuses on questions and self- inquiry, his wife Katie Davis in her book, Awake Joy, which is the twin to this one, is more inclined toward surrender. The books make a valuable pair.

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

5 out of 5 stars   “Supremely Practical and Awake,” March 14, 2008

By Katie Davis “Author, Awake Joy” (USA)

Free Spirit by Sundance Burke is a supremely practical guide to awakening from the dominion of the ego to discover the conscious freedom of the Heart. He communicates with absolute clarity and sometimes with a touch of humor which make this book a pleasure to read. The most profound gift is that it is written as realized Presence, so that you may be blessed by the Frequency.

Thursday, 4/10/08, 9:29 AM

What can I say about the teachings offered in Free Spirit? For those who seemingly have read and assimilated so much, maybe heard it all before, what more could such a book offer? How about a direct and clear look at this claim of “my lifetime”, awareness seemingly bound by preoccupation with conceptual “reality”? A terrific reminder that no such limitation exists, that, in fact, “I AM THAT NOW”.

From: Seattle

“Welcome fellow travelers to the journey. This book is like your carry-on guide and would save you a lot of luggage. It may not be easy, however it is as easy as it can be. Some friends say that we may need to read a thousand books to find what we think we are looking for. Well, maybe I am very close to that and lately most of the books give me some kind of fatigue (I fall to sleep very easily). This one on the contrary makes me feel awake and alive. I have not even finished it and already I want the whole world to know about it. Thank you so much for the love and the energy that Sundance put into this. It is like listening to a close friend that tells you the truth, because he is your friend and loves you.”   ~ Rosa, California 

5 of 5 Stars  “Nonduality with Clarity and Highly Energetic,” May 27, 2008

By  Kathy Lynn (Toronto)

I was looking forward to reading this book after attending an intensive with him in Toronto. Energetically, it was one of the most profound satsangs that I have ever attended and I have sat with many.

I loved this book for the energetic stillness that I sensed while I was reading and I also appreciated Sundance’s ability to communicate the principles of nonduality with such clarity. I read a little each day of Nisargadatta’s I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and it has been one of my favorites, although often I cannot understand what he is explaining. Sundance’s insights are deep and profound, but he speaks in such a pragmatic manner that points us directly to the heart of awareness. He brilliantly demystifies the process of awakening to who we really are in a grounded and intelligent way.

I was especially helped by the section on Self-inquiry. In fact, it may be one of the clearest presentations that I have ever read. The chapter entitled “Realizing Freedom Now” was also helpful by making me more conscious of the root of all suffering in order to transcend this fear of the unknown.

Rather than conceptually telling us how to Self-realize, he asks the right questions and then points us where to look, so that we discover directly the deeper insights. Finally, he has a good sense of humor and in case you haven’t noticed, this path can sometimes be quite strange.

I recommend this book for people who are interested in awakening and for those who are ready to go the distance and realize the Truth.

Friday, 7/18/08, 2:45 PM

Hello Loves! Thank you for your beautiful, radiant books. I’ve shared them with the sangha here. All Love ~ Pamela Wilson

From:Santa Fe, New Mexico

Friday, 7/18/08, 2:47 PM

Dearest Katie and Sundance, Your new books are beautiful! I wish you the best for them – may they spread and deepen the fulfillment that is present for all! Sending you love and support, always ~ Gangaji, Author, You Are ThatA Diamond in Your Pocket.

From:Ashland, OR

5.0 out of 5 stars Enlightened Being, July 12, 2008 By Paula (Seattle)

Free Spirit is a direct encounter with enlightened being. If you are genuinely ready and interested in slipping past the limitations of the ego, instead of fixating on its dilemmas, this book is for you. Free Spirit truly is a “good day to die” for the ego. Sundance writes with great clarity and points with profound wisdom for those who long to be free. The book is grounded and pragmatic and yet the loving heart is so sublime and evident. He really got me actively involved instead of talking at me. For instance, he very skillfully asks the right questions so that I noticed the truth. There is also a lightness about the entire adventure and occasionally gentle, intelligent humor comes to the forefront. In Free Spirit, I sensed that every word was sourced by the silent Truth.

From:Seattle, Washington

Email ~ Review by Linda,11/19/08,


Greetings to you both…I have just finished reading both of your books back to back …….I have been reading and studying the modern mystics as I call you guys for the past year and a half and my life is indeed different but the same!! I can taste/feel/experience the Free Spirit and Awake Joy more each day as i just notice and feel within….

I can honestly say that your books are so very excellent and I loved them and you…I will reread them again and again as I have a few others….so clear, so well expressed… can’t find the words to express what I am feeling… times I can just about reach there with your words…..a taste of it for sure…..thank you so much for all the time and sharing and love that  has been part of the whole experience with you both……maybe someday we can meet face to face and let the love flow as it surely does and is……

I really liked that you include the body, because it has been in question for a long time with me….as many these days seem to shun the body as an illusion….same as the world…and they take on a “less than quality” as in bad and nothing to give any attention to…that is not inclusive and accepting of all that is… seems to be a denial of what is given us to explore this seeming world…and if it is all consciousness awareness including the body, then what is not real about that…..

I realize it is our misidentification with the false that has us in its grips…..thinking what is real is false and what is false is real…..such a conundrum as it were…so when we see the truth of who we really are the world, which includes us and all things is returned to what it never left and was not to its original state within and we continue with the dream but from a different place inside and the world is ……and we are….as at first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, and then there is the mountain……….so it is…..

Thanks again for all your offering…….until next time….take care and be well…..loving you both.. and in deep gratitude……linda…..